“Budwell founder Sara Hussain launched Buddy in 2019 after noticing a lack of one-hitter pipes that were both stylish and functional. This fun, customizable set comes with a Buddy, motel-style key tag, and a “Thieves Beware” graphic in gold foil, Bic lighter, and reusable odor-proof mylar bag.”


“We can all appreciate a shapely ceramic piece or an artful glass pipe. But you know what we all really need? A perfect one-hitter that never breaks and never clogs. Truly the last one-hitter you’ll ever need, at a super affordable price point.”


“A bit more portable and discreet, this one-hitter is a favorite of Kassia Graham, the director of national projects and social media at Cannaclusive. She calls it a ‘much-needed update of the classic’ accessory…. The icing on the cake? “You can customize your little friend with up to 30 characters.’


“The Buddy is a stylish one-hitter from WOC-owned Budwell. It can be personalized with laser etching, is unbreakable, and comes in a brand-new Buddy Gold edition with a tumbled brass tip, airtight, odor-proof carrying case, an ash cap, and cleaning wand. Wait, we want one.”


“BUDDY is a modern one-hitter pipe that is discreet, reusable, and customizable to say whatever you want.”


“If you’re hellbent on buying a rolling tray, try this gold one from Buddy. It looks sleek, has deep sides so no rogue flower will fall out, and even has padding at the bottom for stability. All for $20!”


“Even before COVID, Buddy’s personalized one-hitters were stash box must-haves. And now that we’ve established that maybe pipes should no longer be passed to new pals, streamlined units such as the Buddy have become the next best way to share a gram with a friend. These pipes disassemble for easy cleaning and even come with gold mouthpieces for those in need of an extra flex.”


“Customization of products is not common in cannabis, and a simple engraved message on an endlessly useful product is a pretty great gift or party favor idea, if we ever heard one.”