"Budwell is offering its 199X Complete Collection just out for the holiday season. This $250 set contains the original BUDDY one hitter pipe, customized with the recipient’s name or chosen text, plus tips in six colors bearing names like Matador (in fire engine red) and Limelight (in neon green). It all comes enclosed in a double jewel CD case with a foldout poster."


“We can all appreciate a shapely ceramic piece or an artful glass pipe. But you know what we all really need? A perfect one-hitter that never breaks and never clogs. Truly the last one-hitter you’ll ever need, at a super affordable price point.”


"A bit more portable and discreet, this one-hitter has an anodized-aluminum body with a chic matte-black finish, and for $5 extra, you can customize your recipient’s new buddy with up to 30 characters."


“The Buddy is a stylish one-hitter from WOC-owned Budwell. It can be personalized with laser etching, is unbreakable, and comes in a brand-new Buddy Gold edition with a tumbled brass tip, airtight, odor-proof carrying case, an ash cap, and cleaning wand. Wait, we want one.”


“Even before COVID, Buddy’s personalized one-hitters were stash box must-haves. And now that we’ve established that maybe pipes should no longer be passed to new pals, streamlined units such as the Buddy have become the next best way to share a gram with a friend. These pipes disassemble for easy cleaning and even come with gold mouthpieces for those in need of an extra flex.”


BUDDY was designed for stylish smokers who are on the move, and tough on their gear. BUDWELL makes it easy and convenient to switch up your stoner style, without the heartbreak of a smushed joint or broken glass.


"A delivery box everyone can get behind. Budwell’s Hot Box features small-batch goods from independent brands that are delivered to your door. Re-up’s don’t get more convenient than that."


"Have you ever seen a one-hitter look so good? This U.S.-made, matte black beauty holds three to five puffs and can be engraved for an extra special touch."


"If you’re into the classics, grab a Buddy one-hitter, which is made of anodized aluminum and holds three to five puffs. It’s easy to conceal and clean, too. Best of all: You can actually customize the text on the side of your Buddy."


"I get sent a lot of products for free to try out, but these are ones I actually use and that I think are worth the money." Jackie Bryant


"I created a product in this space as a brown woman whose brand doesn't necessarily reflect a South Asian influence and no overt femininity. But people are not used to seeing women in this space, so it's easy to get pigeonholed into preconceived expectations."


"Budwell shows they are a leader in the one hitter space with their new 199X Collection."