How do I use a one hitter? How do I clean a one hitter? Budwell answers your burning questions about one hitters, ordering, returns, and more.

What is BUDDY?

BUDDY is our flagship creation: the black denim jacket of one-hitters. BUDDY is a sleek, unbreakable one-hitter pipe that is infinitely reusable and can be customized with your choice of text [up to 30 characters]


Does Budwell carry vapes?

No. They produce excessive waste. We are strictly analog.


Where do you ship?

BUDWELL currently ships to the continental United States and Canada via United States Postal Service.


Can I place a wholesale order?

Yes. Drop us a line at: for more info.


I’ve got a wedding/getaway/reunion coming up. Can I order multiple BUDDIES for my crew?



Help, I think something is wrong with my Buddy.

BUDDY was designed to last indefinitely when properly cared for. Our “NO BAD BUDDIES” Guarantee means we will replace your BUDDY if something happens during normal course of use that renders it un-smokeable. Reach out to us at


How long does it take to get my order?

BUDDY Classic and non-customized items typically leave our facility within 3-4 days of placing your order. BUDDY Customized and BUDDY Quips require lead time for production. They typically leave our facility 8-10 days within placing your order.