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BUDDY Gold is our original one-hitter pipe  - with a gleaming twist. A luxe hand-tumbled brass mouthpiece with a barrel made from the same ultra durable anodized aluminum as our original design, BUDDY Gold is the definition of stonerglam.

BUDDY’s two-part design makes it easy to clean and switch up the look. We’ve improved the on-the-go smoking experience with a longer length, deeper bowl that holds 3-5 puffs, with slim sides for quick, easy packing. BUDDY Gold's hand-tumbled mouthpiece is more delicate and should be handled with care to preserve the finish. BUDDY Gold comes with a lifetime "No Bad Buddies" guarantee that it will last indefinitely with normal use and proper care.

4.5 inches. Barrel: Matte Black. Mouthpiece: 100% Hand-Tumbled Brass. Each Buddy comes with an airtight odor-proof carrying case, one ash cap, and a cleaning wand. 

BUDDY Gold is for use with dry herb.